Brad Ziegler

Horizon Compromise

Horizon Compromise culminated in a book release and solo show at Current Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland in January 2018.

This is a love letter to the inherent loneliness found within the collective spirit of America.

In the liminal spaces of cities, tensions between the landscape and its occupants arise. Physically connected but spiritually isolated, road arteries sprawl and bleed the debris of convenience and consumerism.

This time the west was won by advertising agencies. Some are tangibly present in the way their pleas for purchase interrupt the horizon and dwarf the pedestrian scale. Other haunting pockmarks are left to languish, existing as warning symbols of neglected capital.

Situated within this minefield of active and dormant sites lies a strained reprise of what once worked, and now will not. The technical future is moving forward too rapidly for the manual past.

The landscape of America is a purposeless wash, whisking us helplessly downstream through its muddy embankments, all while the golden warmth of the sun sets on the horizon.

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